Best Time to Visit Gangtok for Honeymoon

Best Time to Visit Gangtok for Honeymoon- Planning A Honeymoon At Gangtok

Honeymoon couples love to visit beautiful places, which are peaceful and has a pleasant climate. Cool mountain air, lovely nature walks, serene and peaceful surroundings, and warmth of local folks make Gangtok special.

Gangtok is one of the much-visited hill stations in the North East Himalayas. This beautiful hill station in Bhutan, the small adjacent country to India, is not considered a place abroad due to the high warmth filled friendly terms of Bhutan with India.

That’s why traveling to Gangtok seems like traveling to one of the Indian tourist destinations. Locals at Gangtok are cheerful and love tourists. Hence as the honeymoon couple, you would get attention as tourists and would love it.

The hill station in the lap of the Himalayas is a great spot to enjoy the mountains, the sceneries, Tibetan monasteries etc. October to mid of December is the best time to visit Gangtok for honeymoon. However, for nature and tourism lovers, this hill station is open through the year. It exhibits a different type of beauty through the various times of the year.

Why visit Gangtok from October to December?

Best Time to Visit Gangtok for Honeymoon
Best Time to Visit Gangtok for Honeymoon

This time of the year is considered the peak season, and the best time to visit Gangtok. The hill station is welcoming tourist through the year. The summer months of April to September sees quite a lot of rush in tourism.

Even people flock to Gangtok in the colder months of January and February. Hence the place gets tourists throughout the year. Yet this particular time of October to December is preferred for some reasons.

At this time you can enjoy a very nice view of the Himalayan peaks from here. As the monsoons will be cleared off, there would be no clouds. Hence due to clear skies, the views would be mesmerizing at this time of the year.

Scenic nature is just the perfect backdrop to set the romantic mood for honeymoon couples. And you would love the clear view of the Himalayas at this time along with the cool and misty air.

Other times of the year

In case you have plans to visit Gangtok at other times of the year, you may do so. A honeymoon is best planned right after the wedding. That’s why if you have married at January, you certainly would not like to wait till the end of the year to do the honeymoon.

In that case, you may plan the trip at your convenience. Expectation about what to expect during your visit can be set beforehand. Every season has its beauty and specialty. And this gets exhibited by nature in various ways.

Gangtok from March to May

If you visit Gangtok during March and May, then you are going to see the beautiful, warm and colorful Rhododendrons. These flowers have vibrant colors, and they look great in the mountains. Bushes of Rhododendrons with lovely attractive colored flowers, give the hills a new look.

That’s why traveling at this time gives you this colorful experience.

Snowy Gangtok at January and February

If you are a snow lover and want to visit Gangtok to find snow laden hills and roads, then January and February is the right time. At this time it snows here. First, it starts snowing at a higher altitude.

A lake called the Changu lake is a little above the hill town and attracts all visitors. The lake totally freezes during this time of the year. And again as the summer months come the lake melts. It’s a beautiful sight to see the frozen lake surrounded by snow everywhere on the land.

You have to visit Gangtok specifically after mid-December for the best snow experience. By February end and March, the snow starts melting.

Plan a visit from April to June

To beat the heat, many people travel to Gangtok from April to June. This is such a balanced time of the year, when you don’t have to worry of bad weather, or extreme cold. The mountain air is pleasantly cool at this time.

This offers the perfect getaway during the summer months when schools give summer vacation too.

Gangtok to be avoided from June to September

If you are planning to visit Gangtok during June to September months, you should be ready to face bad weather. Rains, landslides anywhere and anytime, and disrupted communications on the hills are common then.

That’s why many people avoid this time of the year. Although it’s hot and scorching in the summer months, and this makes you run towards the hills, yet you should avoid.

Seasons at Gangtok

The summer, winter, and monsoon at Gangtok are as follows:

  • April to June is the summer season. Temperature varies from 18°C to 25°C.
  • Monsoon starts from July and continues till September. At this time temperature stays between 6 to 15°C.
  • From October to March it’s winter here. Then temperature stays in between 2 to 7°C.

Must visit in Gangtok

Some of the activities to be experienced, and must visit places in and around Gangtok are:

  • Kanchendzonga National Park
  • Ropeway
  • Nathula Pass
  • Tashi View Point
  • Ganesh Tok
  • Hanuman Tok
  • The Himalayan Zoo
  • Banjhakri Falls
  • Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir

These are the places which can be covered by hiring a cab or on the tourist bus. Conducted tours for sightseeing of these places are done by several tourist agencies in Gangtok.

How to plan a tour to Gangtok

You can plan a tour to Gangtok without much trouble. It takes little time to do the bookings. Gangtok can be reached from New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri both. Buses, taxis, and private cars ply to Gangtok frequently.

To reach New Jalpaiguri, you can take a train, and from there you can reach the Siliguri bus terminus. From the Siliguri bus stand buses go to Gangtok every few minutes. You can also reach Siliguri from Bagdogra.

There is an airport at Bagdogra, which connects to the rest of the country. Through travel portals or travel agencies, you can plan the travel, and book good hotel or honeymoon suite to plan a nice honeymoon at Gangtok.

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