Cheapest Place to Live in The World English Speaking

The Cheapest Places In World To Live A Good Life With English Support

Knowing English gets you ready to live in many countries of the world. But that’s not enough. You have to manage the standard of living in the new place too. Hence, in the beginning of your career in any domain, you must find a country with a job in there, which will put minimum stress on you financially. That’s why you must find the cheapest place to live in the world English speaking. There you would get gala support for interactions and effective communication through English. And also you will be able to earn money, save, and make money due to an affordable standard of living at the place.

Here are some suggestions about places which are affordable. If you move to any of these places, you can easily make a stress free living and save as well. They all support English speaking people, and you can do well with English at these places.

Cheapest Place to Live in The World English Speaking
Cheapest Place to Live in The World English Speaking


This country is a fabulous place to settle down with a new job. Vietnam is listed among some of the exotic destinations in the earth. This place has some great adventurous destinations and great scenic beauty. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, and the happening big city is Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. If you have to hunt for a job, try these cities. Knowing English would help you get a job as an English language teacher.

1 USD is equivalent to 23000 VND. This indicates very ell why Vietnam is affordable and one of the cheapest places to stay with a good hold on the English language. Renting an apartment here costs around $250, and food from local eateries and streets cist around $1-3. The public transportation cost around $0.3 to 0.5 per kilometer.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another nice place to stay. It has some of the finest beaches, great sea and sand beauty, jungles, and greenery. The locals here are very friendly. Getting a job here is not hard. As a tourist guide, or in other sectors in tourism, for scuba diving help and instructions etc., you can get a job. You also stand a chance to become an English teacher here.

Meals can cost you $3 to $6 in local restaurants. Renting a flat may incur $300 to $800 a month. Transferslocally can cost around $0.7.


Bulgaria is not just a favorite for traveling. It’s a favorite to settle too. It’s not that costly as the European nations of Italy and France, or Spain. But it gives you still the very European flavor, and offers that kind of life. That’s why you can choose this country, and find a job here.

If you settle here, you can make a nice living, and live far more than middle-class style ina moderate budget. Besides, the centrally located country offers you great scope to travel surrounding countries around it. Turkey, Greece, and Romania would be within your grasp from here. The teaching and tourism sector, both would value you for your knowledge of English.


This southern part of the North American continent is a lovely place to stay and earn a decent living and live a great life. Mexico has great tourism, heritage, greenery, fantastic beaches, and offers awesome street food. Whatever you look at looks tempting and inviting. Hence, you can travel to Mexico, settle there, and live at a much lower rate than what people does at Canada and the US.

An apartment rental would cost you around $300 to $500. Food daily can cost around $1. And transportation cost starts from $16 if you buy a monthly pass. Jobs you can get here are as English teacher, nanny, babysitter, sales, and of course tourism.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the best English speaking countries to live in. This country offers an affordable lifestyle, and great facilities and features. Tourism here is great, and people do come here from all parts of the world. Hence as an English speaking person, you can get lovely jobs in the tourism sector. Some of the enjoyable activities here are river rafting, whale watching, and zip lining. Renting a small flat would cost you around $350 to $500. Meals at restaurants cost around $8.


The high salaried jobs in China compared to other countries in Asia, and also the good economy of the nation which is on the rising trend, are good reasons to pick China. This country is good for English speaking to get a job. The busier cities have a higher standard of living, but the higher salaries there compensate for it. Renting an apartment would cost S

South Korea

This country doesn’t have a lucrative standard of living to make it very cheap. But the salary packages offered here are quite fat and good. Moreover, they offer free accommodation to the employees. English is highly demanded here. Hence as an English literate, you have bright career prospects here. With a fat salary, you can practically enjoy living at South Korea.


This is a great destination for tourists. The whole world flocks to Thailand for tourism. And yet it is one of the cheapest places with a low standard of living to live a grand life. You can get work here as an English teacher, guide, and exclusively in tourism. Thailand offers you lovely beautiful beaches, great people, and a great life.

If you spend $600 in Chiang Mai city, you can live a nice living while accommodating food, transfers, and lodging. Bangkok the capital city is cheap too. Jobs in the hospitality industry are ample in Thailand.


Peru is one of those South America countries, where the standard of living is low, life is great, and the country tourism and heritage fetches many from the world. Marketing, conservation, and tourism are booming industries here.


Altogether the countries mentioned above are some of the best places in the world to live a nice life. English would support you to get a job anywhere from among them.


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