Do Shark vacuums have height adjustments?

Shark Vacuums

One should not spend huge money on buying vacuum cleaners which are bulky, noisy and yet loses on suction power and performance on cleaning the floors and carpets as expected. In this competitive market of such products, Shark Vacuums stands as the most popular brand. This is very effective on both surfaces i.e., solid and carpets. Also, the price range fits into the budget of vacuum users. This also comes with an attachment that reaches the edges and corners of your floor area and carpet to clean them perfectly. This also comes with a suction control dial to set the suction power according to your needs.

Height Adjustments in Shark Vacuums

These Shark Vacuums come with a height adjustment lever. This helps the user to adjust the vacuum as per its usage and convenience. One should keep in mind that before using this height adjustment through the provided lever, ensure that the nozzle head of the vacuum is tilted backward from the floor level. The nozzle head can be adjusted into three height levels i.e., low carpet, hard floor, and high carpet. There is an adjustment option available at the top of the handle where you can adjust the suction power settings. By doing this only you will be able to adjust to different carpet heights and rugs. The power button also comes with two settings i.e., one for solid bare floors and the other one for carpet. While using the height adjustment feature, ensure to turn off brush rolls.

How do you fix matted carpet in high traffic areas?

One always cherishes to see the grace of new carpets laid out at their houses but as the time passes by and it becomes matted and knotty fibers start to bulge from the high traffic areas of carpet, you feel bad and start thinking of a way to get rid of the matted carpet. But buying a new carpet is not an easy solution as it is an expensive deal. Here we are trying to share a few tips through which you can fix the matted carpet.

Getting rid of furniture marks

You can easily re-fix the knotty fibers of your carpet by using an ice cube on the matted areas of your carpet. This is effective for the spots and curviness left at the edges of the carpet by tables and couches left at the same spot for long. Simply place the ice cube at the intended spot and let it melt. If you want to fasten the process, use the blower at a low heating mode. When the ice cubes are melt completely and dents are saturated with water, brush the tangled/knotty fibers on the carpet back and forth using hard bristled brush until they are re-fluffed.

Fixing high traffic areas on the carpet

You have to ignite your iron box to fix damages caused by high traffic areas on your carpet. Get a clean wet white piece of cloth and place it on the matted areas on your carpet and iron the fibers over the damped cloth back and forth until carpet fibers are re-fluffed. Please ensure that you don’t get the iron in direct contact of carpet as it will leave burn marks and further deteriorates the condition.

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