Employee Performance Improvement Suggestions

How To Enhance Performance Of Employees And Improve Them Overall

After you have started your business and hired employees to run it, the next various steps include using your employees effectively. You have to learn to harness the full power of every employee you have. For this, you must make them comfortable first. An employee who feels at home and comfortable at the office will give his/her hundred percent too. This is where you have to invest your time, understanding, and effort. Below are discussed some valuable employee performance improvement suggestions, which you would find highly effective. You just need to follow them truthfully.

Rely on them for responsibilities given

Employee Performance Improvement Suggestions
Employee Performance Improvement Suggestions

Many entrepreneurs have the habit or weakness of delving into any small operations and minute details in business. But if you continue to do this even after having an employee to handle that department or jobs, then you are wasting your time as well as the time of that employee. You should learn to trust on the person, whom you hired because of some qualities for a particular job role. And you must summon up the courage to leave that person with the job, and see how he/she performs.

Know your employees’ skills

Every employee would have some special or beneficial skills that you may use. Every person is different, and different persons have different talents. That’s why before you delegate an employee for a task, always gauge if the employee has the desired skill set to complete that task with excellence or not.

Someone may be very good in one thing but not as good for others. Therefore you must know the strengths and weaknesses of all employees so that you can give them the right kind of job. This way while you would be satisfied at the job completion, the employees would feel satisfied to get the kind of job they love. This increases job satisfaction and of course, employees stay happy and satisfied.

Make communication amongst employees faster for more productivity

Give your employees a good communication tool. Don’t just rely on one tool. Keep two to three backups so that employees across various departments etc. can stay in touch for coordinated working all through. This needs to be done so that the precious time of the employees can be saved from reading lengthy communications, like emails. In a study it has been found that any productive employee loses 28% of the precious time of work on reading emails. Emails also are very important, but definitely not a form of communication which is as fast as instant messaging or calling. That’s why, you must look for setting such communicative tools in office or business, which will help them communicate instantly, and save their precious time. This way work would progress faster and more time can be saved and made productive.

Give your employees a proper goal

A proper goal makes a person efficient. It surely helps the person to be more focused, and therefore much more efficient than usual. That’s why it’s very important that you you’re your employees realize their goals and focus on them. Together with that, you also must check that the goals given by you are attainable, smart, timely, feasible, and measured. This will make it easier on the employees to get a direction to work. Completion of each goal and job would increase their confidence and bring a satisfying sense of achievement, which is crucial to improve their performance over time.

Rewarding employees

Rewards are action by you which speaks up loud and helps boost the morale of employees. If one is working well and has done a nice job, it should be appreciated. Appreciation on time and the proper way brings in better work from that employee in the future. Hence, you can try to reward employees in various ways. A hike or bonus is not always wanted or should not be given frequently. Instead, there are other interesting ways to plan rewards. Here are some:

  • Paid time off is a good rewarding system. Employees can use this when they need a sick leave or other leave.
  • Gala lunch or dinner is a great idea when you take employees out. This way while they get a change and a small outing, you also can thank the ones who are performing nice.
  • Personal thanks with a handwritten note is a special heart touching gesture an employee would love to get.
  • You may grant a half day leave on Monday so that an employee can arrive at the office at half day or later than usual.
  • Address any recognition mail to the boss too. This way the employee recognized would feel flattered that the information of his/her hard work is reaching the boss too.
  • This way, there are so many ways you can thank an employee, and give a nice feel. This will boost up the employee to perform better in the coming days.

Avoid burdening employees who already are responsible for high priority jobs

If an employee is focused on some important high priority job, then make sure you don’t give the employee smaller tasks which you may delegate elsewhere. Often being burdened with smaller different tasks, employees may shift their focus from the work of topmost priority, and this may affect the job quality or bring time lag. To avoid this, keep employees in charge of important jobs clear from the clutter of smaller jobs.

Finally- Arrange for proper pieces of training

You must train employees properly with anything that needs special guidance. If you save your time and money by leaving them untrained and compel them to learn the job as they work under pressure, then you would be actually wasting more time and energy overall. The employee struggling through a new job type without relevant training would come to you or others for simple and basic details, answers, and guidelines. This will affect work pace, productivity, and time of all. That’s why you must arrange for relevant pieces of training from time to time and make your employees efficient. Well training employees would give the best performance with time and expertise.


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