How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

So How To Use Social Media For Marketing Your Business

The trend for some time is that businesses use social media extensively for marketing. Even before you have launched your business website, you are told to get your social profiles ready. Such deep is the role and connection of social media in business promotions!

As you get into business online, you would get the same instructions from your online marketing consultants. And you may be wondering why and how businesses use social media for marketing. Well, before you understand the link between business, social media, and marketing, you should understand the role of social media. The rest will automatically start making sense to you.

How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing
How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

The role of social media in marketing

Initially, when one and two social media and social sharing sites popped up into existence their role was to connect people. Why and how the connection would flourish, work and go on gradually, got dimension with time. As more features got added up to social channels, more people got involved. The power of bringing people from demographic diversities into one platform is the biggest success of social media.

Those who never knew each other could connect, talk and share. Those who lost touches due to distance found each other. And people got a whole new way to connect chat, talk and share with an instant approach. This is real, fast, live, and instant connectivity. And this shows immediate results in various form. The form shares, likes, following of profiles, posts, comments, live chats etc. These all are manifestations that a certain post, image, video, statement, status etc. got spread. That’s how social media emerged out as electrifying fast in spreading and sharing any message.

With this huge success of social media platforms, businesses understood their importance. Businesses started leveraging the power of social media to spread their information. Spreading of information, marketing, promotions and all are done here.

Actually, businesses highly depend on social sites for online promotions and success. You already understand now, why social media is so very important for spreading any form of the message. Here is a short guide on how you can use it for your business marketing.

Your aim should be to target the social media site users for marketing

How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing
How Businesses Use Social Media for Marketing

The purpose of using any social media site is plainly to target the users of that platform. There would be people of all kinds ina social media platform which is popular like twitter or Facebook. And your aim would be to target users of those sites so that they take an interest in your business. Your target would be to get as many customers and leads as possible from social media users. That’s why you must have your profile on the site. Hence here comes your very first step.

The first step is to make a business profile

The very first step to start marketing on any social media site, is to make your business profile page there. It should not be a personal user profile. It should be on the name of your business or product. You will be using this profile henceforth to share news and information about the business or product.

Introduce your business through the profile

Your profile on the business or product name must have ample information about your business or product. Things like who, why, where, how etc. mute be made clear here. People coming to your profile page would want to know more about you.

The amount of clear information and transparency you show here would yield you flowers. In fact anybody visiting your profile will get complete information about you. Its very important that your profile page contains the link to your official website. Besides, if you have videos on YouTube, you must include theirlinks here. You also must share links to your blogs, vlogs, and other social media profiles in this profile page. That’s how you can tell people about your various entities and pages on the web.

Start sharing your stories

Social media platform is for sharing. Hence you must try to use the full potential of this feature. Tell your story, or the product features, or other informative things. People love gossips surely. But more than that they love information which is data rich and useful.

That’s why if you share useful information you would be appreciated. For example, you may tell people how your product is of use. You may tell how your product can be helpful in different ways. And in this way, you can frame nice stories about your products and share them.

Emotions also are loving by people. Hence the story of your business, its making etc. will be worth sharing. You can always share how you started, what your struggles were, and what you are doing at present. The more you share information, stories, experiences etc. you move a step ahead towards branding. And this parallelly does great marketing for your business.

The content you share on social media sites doesn’t essentially have to be textual. You may share videos and images. So You may share infographics. You also may take polls, and take opinions and surveys. And most importantly you must ensure your posts get read and shared.

Inject relevant links on posts and reward users for clicking and sharing them

To ensure maximum response and reactions to your posts, you can declare rewards. Rewards in the form of discounts, offers, coupons codes, special offers etc. are always alluring for users. Needless to say, whatever you share on social media, must have a link. It should link to your business profile or website some other relevant product information page etc. That’s how you can get traffic from the posts.

Put advertisements on social media

Social media sites are great for putting advertisements. Users here love to see and click on ads. Hence, you surely would get some traffic from the advertisements.


Whether it’s through ads or posts, you get traffic and leads from social media platforms. The above steps would help you use them for marketing.

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