How to Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One

How To Improve Download Speed With The Xbox One

The problem with internet speed and downloads is everywhere. People never seem to be having enough, and this is especially true for gamers. Gaming freaks who are too attached to their Xbox One, would always complain of this one thing. The internet speed is not impressive, and downloads are slow. That’s the most common problem gamers face with their Xbox One gaming console. If there is a problem, there are fixes too. Hence, if you want to know, how to make games download faster on Xbox One, read on. It starts with a speed test. And then you may check the console and tweak a few settings to get better speed for downloads.

What should be the ideal internet speed on Xbox One?

How to Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One
How to Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One

As per Microsoft’s recommendations, there are references for the ideal internet speed on Xbox One. The Xbox One can be connected to the Xbox One Live. Using this connection the console can be used for viewing live TV and movies, chat on Skype, download and play games and do much more. For using these actions a minimum bandwidth is needed. Only a speed test for the internet can tell if you are getting the required speed or not.

The actual recommended speed for Xbox One is 3 megabits/second for downloads. For SD video streaming it would be 1 megabit/sec, and for HD videos it would be 3.5 megabits/sec.the upload speed should be higher than 0.5 megabit/sec. For any kind of internet-based work, the ping rate should be lower than 150 milliseconds. The lower the rate the better the speed would be experienced.

Monitor the speed and bandwidth

After you connect the Xbox One to the internet, the speed must be periodically monitored. Only on monitoring, you would know if you are getting the recommended speed ornot. The periodic speed test can be done for best evaluation. If you’re not getting a good speed after many tries and tweaks, then you can be sure that your ISP is not fine. In that case you may have to change your internet service provider. You will also have to keep note of the bandwidth you are receiving upon each speed test. When you contact the Microsoft Xbox One support, they will surely ask you about the bandwidth. Hence you must have the answer.

Connecting the Xbox One to the internet

This step must be done very cautiously. It is simple, yet many people are wrong at this step. As a result, they feel their device has no internet speed. Therefore you have to follow these basic and simple steps, to connect the device to the internet.

If you have a wired internet connection, then connect the LAN cable at the back of the gaming device. If you are trying to connect via WiFi then you will have to try the Network Settings on the device. Go to this screen, and choose Set up a wireless network. Now you would get a screen with list of the various networks which are available. From the list find your router name, choose it, and you would be prompted for the password. Enter the password, and get connected to the internet. The machine is designed to connect to one internet configuration at a time. In case you switch to another connection and configure, you will have to configure the device again.To return to any old connection or use another connection, you will have to configure every time.

What to do when you feel a lag in downloading a game

While downloadinga game, of you feel like its taking forever, then you must check the download speed. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Open Xbox One live.
  • Find Installing at the right part of the home screen. Scroll to it, and select it.
  • Find the Queue section
  • Here locate‘My games & Apps’.
  • The installation which is in progress, will display the download speed beside it.
  • If you see around 1.5 Mbps then it’s okay. Else a lower speed should be fixed.

Running games at times affect downloads

The internet speed at times get affected by the currently running game. While the game is running, and the download carries on at background, it happens. That’s because, the system resources at that time are used to the maximum. The best option at these times, is to pause or stop the game. If you stop the recently run game, by selecting quit from the thegame menu, then the game will be stopped completely. Now you must check the download speed. Check if it has improved or not. If the speed has improved the connection is clear, and then you must not start a download while you are gaming.

If other tricks don’t work then try restarting the device

When other tricks don’t work, try restarting the device. If you restart the device, then things get completely reset. For this you have to go to the home screen. At the left there is a guide. There is settings in it. Select settings to get Restart console option. Choose it, and confirm by clicking Yes. The device will automatically pause downloads which are currently active. The device will restart. And then the paused downloads will resume automatically.

In case your device has frozen or not showing the menu, you may use the Xbox One button itself. Press this button on the device for 10 seconds. This will turn off the console. Now again press this button for normally powering on the Xbox One. Switching off the device pauses all downloads. And switching on automatically resumes downloads from where they got paused. And this helps increase the download speed.

Wrapping it up

If none of the above tips help, you can cancel the download manually, and freshly restart it. This may resolve the lag problem. The Xbox One is highly preferred for its ability to download several games, videos etc., and play them seamlessly. You definitely need a machine which is fine-tuned, and a dependable internet connection which doesn’t fluctuate. Hence checking the device, and the connection speed is needed. Always remember that a wired connection is faster than WiFi, hence do this experiment as well. If nothing solves the problem, try a new internet connection altogether.



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