How to Make Your Internet Faster on PS4

How To Fix A Slow Internet Problem With Your PS4

One of the most favorite gaming consoles that have driven the game lovers crazy is the PS4. This gaming station from Sony is the rage across gamers globally. It’s exciting, and gamers try to extract the most out of this console.

That’s why they are constantly on the quest of getting more, like more fun, more excitement, more speed, etc. One of the common issues, which gamers often face is the experience of poor internet speed. Many complain that they are not satisfied with their internet speed.

They say they cannot complete downloads on time, get the games loading faster on the internet, and so on. That’s why gamers keep on looking for tweaks to increase speed in their PS4. If you are also one among them, asking how to make your internet faster on PS4, then read on. Here are discussed some common issues and their resolutions.

The basic fixes for internet speed improvement on PS4

How to Make Your Internet Faster on PS4
How to Make Your Internet Faster on PS4

These basic fixes to improve internet speed on PS4 should work:

  • Try to find a faster internet service than you are using now. You may have to pay more for it.
  • Wired connection offers better speed than Wi-Fi. Hence try a wired internet connection.
  • If you are using a WiFi router then try to bring the router and the PS4 closer. The smaller their distance the better would be the download speed.
  • In case you have no way to reduce the distance between the router and the PS4, you may invest in a higher quality stronger router to improve speed.
  • You may try connecting the console y using powerline adapters.
  • Sometimes pausing the download and then resuming helps fix the speed.
  • At times set the PS4 into the rest mode.

These are fixes, which will not make you invest a lot. You can get the fixes for some effort, labor, and little investment.

How a wired connection helps improve the speed

Cable-based connection to the broadband internet network, or to the router, is the best way to improve the download speed in PS4. When you are seeing that after connecting via a WiFi your downloads are taking forever, then switch to cable-based connectivity. You will instantly see the difference. It’s due to Wi-Fi that most users face a problem. With this small tweak, much of the speed issue can be fixed.

If the router is close to you, you can simply connect them via a network cable. If the router is far away then you may try powerline network adapters. They will help you connect the PS4 to the router through electrical lines, and works fine for improving the internet speed.

How to set your PS4 for the best internet speed for free

This is a free tweak. You won’t have to invest money for this. You just need to give in a couple of minutes for the settings tweak. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to the console
  • Go for settings
  • There locate the network settings
  • If you have a Wi-Fi connection choose Wi-Fi. If you have a wired connection, choose LAN.
  • Next, choose Custom
  • Now connect to the internet
  • Now choose automatic settings. Wait till you see the DNS screen
  • Now select Manual. In the place of primary DNS enter, and in place of secondary DNS choose

Besides, you may also try the following setting as you make a custom setting:

  • Select Automatic for IP address
  • Select ‘Do Not Specify’ at the DHCP hostname
  • Keep DNS settings Manual
  • Enter for Primary DNS
  • Enter for Secondary DNS
  • Select Automatic for MTU settings
  • For a proxy server, choose ‘Do Not Use’

After finishing these settings, turn off the PS4, and then turn it on again. You may hope to see improved speed after this.

Rest mode solution

You can turn the PS4 into the rest mode, and still allow t to download. This will help the console download faster. This solution works well in many cases. To try it, follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Select power saving settings
  • From functions available, choose rest mode

Click on the checkbox for ‘Stay connected to the internet’. Now your console is ready to download while itself being in rest mode.

You will have to press the PS4 button to activate Quick Menu. Choose power from this, and then choose ‘enter rest mode’. Now at this low power mode, the console will use its full resources on download only. The speed will improve in most cases, and download will get faster.

Pausing and resuming downloads

Sometimes pausing a download, and then resuming again helps a lot. Try this to see the difference. If you find any improvement in speed then you may try this as needed.

The need for a good speed

Speed is actually important as you play games on your PS4. If the console is not working well about speed, then game character may get stuck in scenes, and the game may not progress well. Often you face lags in movement, or problem moving your characters etc. In some games characters die and causes frustration. Therefore it’ very important that you try to get a good speed and improve downloads and the overall performance. The PS4 is the best gaming machine actually. You just need to apply the right settings for it.

Most of these fixes work well for your PS4 speed improvement. However, if nothing else works, then you may have to change your internet service provider. Sometimes due to poor connection speed from ISP, the overall speed stays low. If you change your ISP, then speed can improve a lot. In most cases with a change to a better internet plan or change of ISP, a guaranteed difference is felt. However this incurs cost, that’s why people try to apply the basic and free fixes first.


Gaming is fun, and PS4 is unbeatable when it comes to gaming. Hence, you must learn all the basic to advanced fixes that you may apply on your gaming console. This will help you get the most out of it.


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